mobilization briefs
December 12, 2022

Mobilization in Russia for December 10-11, CIT volunteer summary

The government approved the rule of lump sum payments to mobilized and contracted servicemen. Paragraph 6 of the rules contains the grounds on which the payment must be returned. In particular, in cases of entrepreneurial activity, opening of an account abroad by a spouse, or criminal prosecution in the form of imprisonment (i.e., in case of voluntary surrender into captivity). If a soldier is discharged earlier than required, the payment is refundable in proportion to the unserved period. So, if a contract was concluded for three years, then, in case of discharge after one year of service, 2/3 (130 thousand rubles) must be returned.

Military commissar of the Tsaritsyno distinct of Moscow Victor Kuznetsov, famous for the story when he illegally changed mobilized soldiers' military specialty, sends letters, threatening to initiate a criminal case if one doesn't show up at the draft office.

Yesterday we wrote about Russia’s Defense Ministry 's letter to the St. Petersburg Committee for Culture with a demand to collect and deliver musical instruments to mobilized soldiers. Now the city administration is asking citizens to give away bayans, accordions and balalaikas requested by the Defense Ministry.

Kursk territorial defense units, officially called "the Patriot people's squad" plans to recruit 6000 people, as region’s Governor Roman Starovoit said. He also stated that 300 million rubles had already been paid to mobilized soldiers from the Kursk regional budget. Taking into account that the amount of the announced payments is 100 thousand rubles per soldier, we can assume that the Kursk region has mobilized 3000 people, which matches the announced plan at the beginning of the mobilization. Meanwhile, this number equals to about 1.7% of the regional mobilization reserve, and is obviously higher than 1%, which was announced by the Ministry of Defense.

Another video is spreading on social media with complaints about mobilized soldiers' gear. This time the claims are addressed to Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilyov. The video shows a man who introduces himself as a combat instructor of the 247th Guards Air Assault Regiment from Stavropol. He is saying that soldiers who were mobilized from the Kemerovo region arrived "almost naked" and therefore asks the Governor to take necessary measures to fix the situation.

Nikolay Tynatgyrgyn, born in 1981, a mobilized father of a large family from Anadyr in the extreme north-east of Russia, was killed, according to a social media post. Tynatgyrgyn was called up on Sept. 26; the date of his death has not been confirmed. Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense posted a video showing a newly mobilized soldier being trained in the “special military operation” area. The Ministry also reported about a video conference organized to help the mobilized stay in touch with their families in Novosibirsk.

Kirill Berezin, a forcibly mobilized resident of Saint Petersburg, will not be sent to the war zone. As a result of his insistent protests and regardless of the trials he lost, he is being transferred to a military base near Luga, where he can serve without taking up arms. Earlier, Berezin had managed to flee from his unit before it was sent to Ukraine. He argued that he believed in God and that fighting in the war was against his religious convictions. Berezin had been put under pressure in the military unit: in particular, the commander had threatened him with violence. On Oct. 18, Berezin was denied to be assigned to alternative civilian service, and on Nov. 29 the city court upheld this decision.

Some good news: a member of the Bryansk municipal council has successfully brought four unlawfully mobilized men back home. Communist Party member Konstantin Pavlov and families of the men appealed to the Prosecutor’s Office, which revealed violations in mobilization procedures. Following the complaint, one man mobilized despite being exempt, as well as three fathers of large families have been allowed to return home. As Pavlov told the 7x7 Telegram channel, another two complaints regarding two fathers of large families are currently being reviewed by the Prosecutor’s Office. Pavlov has also been approached by families seeking medical treatment for men in military units.

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region Yevgeny Smyshlyaev proposed saving public baths in Novosibirsk for the needs of soldiers. Six public baths of Novosibirsk, which are part of the Sibiryachka municipal bathhouse, are proposed to be kept under the management of the mayor's office, as they are "strategic objects". "It may always turn out that a bathhouse becomes a place for washing soldiers. This is a strategic facility. If they all become private, then how will this happen?", — said Smyshlyaev.

Following a pre-school in the Moscow region, a school in Cherepovets and a pre-school in Irkutsk joined the initiative to collect empty tin cans for producing "trench candles". And from Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod region, 20 liquid fuel stoves were handed over to servicemen.

Due to the mobilization, Russian regional authorities are reducing New Year's celebration costs. Specifically, in Belgorod, the celebration will not be canceled, but new holiday decorations will not be purchased.