mobilization briefs
December 8, 2022

Mobilization in Russia for December 6–7, CIT volunteer summary

At the meeting of the Human Rights Council, Putin said that "new mobilization is not needed." He stressed that "there is no need [for a new mobilization] for the state today." At the same time, he noted that out of 300,000 mobilized 150,000 are in the so-called Special military operation zone. Of these, 77 thousand are in combat units, the rest are in the defense units. Another 150,000 are at training grounds and training centers. At the same meeting, Putin called "nonsense" and "fake" information about basements for the soldiers who refused to fight.

Head of Buryatia, Aleksey Tsydenov, ordered that the terms of state contracts be changed if their execution in the current form is impossible due to mobilization. The order is signed today.

A resident of Mariinsk, Kemerovo region, called into a live radio broadcast with the Governor of Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilyov. He said that he was calling from Ukraine and complained that he had never received the assistance promised by the authorities. The governor apologized to the mobilized soldier for the fact that his family was not given the promised coal. He also claimed that the region had “one of the most generous support packages for the families” and described it. Then, he called the mayor of Mariinsk, Kravtsov, on the air and ordered “immediately” and “urgently” to go to the wife of the mobilized soldier and to resolve everything, as well as to reimburse her for the coal she had to purchase.

Eight mobilized soldiers from the training center in Elan, Sverdlovsk region, were detained and sent to a military prison in Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk region. Earlier, State Duma [lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia] member Maksim Ivanov proposed to create a military prison in Elan itself for “30 year old mama's boys and spoilt brats”.

According to the Ministry of Defense, mobilized soldiers from the Far East are honing their professional skills at a training ground in the so-called DPR. Mobilized servicemen of the Central Military District are mastering tank skills in the rear zone of the “special operation”. And in the units of the Baltic Fleet Naval Infantry, the training of BTR-82A armored personnel carrier crews continues with newly mobilized recruits. In the Primorsky region, the mobilized are learning to hit the targets of a mock enemy.

Mobilized Aleksandr Dementyev, born in 1994, resident of Sosva, Sverdlovsk region, was killed on November 23. In Moscow, 19-year old Aleksey jumped out of the window from the fourth floor of the military enlistment office on Saratov street. This way he tried to avoid being drafted. In the Sklifosovsky hospital, the young man was diagnosed with several severe fractures with displacement.

Employees of Moscow Zhilischnik [state-financed institution for housing and utilities maintenance] are again being assigned to deliver draft notices — this time for the regular biannual conscription, the Sota Telegram channel reports referring to its source in the Moscow housing and communal service sector. On an average, Zhilischnik employees deliver 80 draft notices per residential block, along with warnings of responsibility for failure to appear in a draft office.

A mother of three from Novosibirsk is trying to bring her husband back home. He was mobilized despite suffering from a chronic illness and having three minor children. In her interview with the Vyorstka online media, Yulia speaks about the problems her family faces: how she makes ends meet on a tight budget, why her husband ended up at the training ground against his will, and why he would not be released. Another family from Krasnoyarsk is fighting to bring back home their son, who was mobilized despite being a full-time student; his fiancee is preparing to sue the draft office.

Police in Russia's Rostov region have apprehended a convicted felon who had opened fire with a machine gun at a police officer. The man was identified as Pavel Nikolin, presumably recruited by the Wagner Group in a penitentiary in the city of Ufa, where he was serving his sentence for theft and robbery. On Nov. 24, Nikolin changed his mind about joining the war and deserted. Photo of the interception.