mobilization briefs
January 17, 2023

Mobilization in Russia for Jan. 15–16, 2023, CIT volunteer summary

A qualifying period of mobilized soldiers for participation in the war will be doubled, the Spokesman's Service of the Russian Government reports. At the same time, the Government reported that the deadlines for submitting tax returns and cash flow reports have been extended for mobilized citizens. In addition, mobilized entrepreneurs were allowed not to submit statistical reports for the period of their service. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. This decision will allow mobilized entrepreneurs to avoid fines for non-reporting.

The only founders and heads of enterprises should be granted a deferment from military service during the “partial” mobilization, Sergey Kazankov from KPRF [Communist Party of the Russian Federation], First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma [lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia] Committee on Small and Medium Enterprises, told Vedomosti [Russian business daily newspaper]. According to Kazankov, this could become an additional measure to support business along with exemption from statistical reporting.

An announcement about the need to appear at draft offices or military registration offices “to clarify personal data” was spotted on an information stand of one of the state-owned companies in Simferopol.

Detention quarters will be restored in training centers for mobilized soldiers on the territory of the Central Military District. Relevant instructions were given to the commanders of the units where draftees are being trained. The units must be equipped with premises for the maintenance of military personnel who are brought to disciplinary responsibility. This follows from the response of the acting commander of the troops of the Central Military District, Aleksandr Linkov, to State Duma member Maksim Ivanov. In December, Ivanov sent a request to restore the detention quarters in the Central Military District. According to Ivanov, it is necessary to “demonstratively mew up” those mobilized soldiers who “sow discord or behave impudently against the Army regulation”. Before that, he had called “traitors” the mobilized soldiers from Ural  who refused to fight due to starvation and urged to “deal with them toughly.”

The names of two more draftees killed as a result of the strike on Makiivka became known: Aleksandr Stepanov and Filip Netunayev. In Krasnoyarsk, on the initiative of local residents, a homemade memorial in honor of a killed mobilized serviceman was built. The memorial is located in the courtyard of an apartment building where the man lived.

A 42-year-old draftee from the Lipetsk region was hospitalized after digging trenches in the Bryansk region. The command sent a group of soldiers to dig trenches in the border areas. At some point, a wooden shield, which was used to strengthen the trench, fell on the serviceman. The man was hospitalized with several broken ribs and lung injuries, and underwent surgery. A resident of Tatarstan [Russia’s constituent Republic], mobilized on Sep. 26, was sent to Kazan for combat cohesion. There, the man's health problems worsened, and he underwent a medical check-up. According to the results, he was found fit for service and absolutely healthy, despite the duodenal ulcer and constant pain.

The ASTRA Telegram channel released a report about an incident involving a grenade explosion in the Tonenkoye hamlet, Belgorod region. As it turned out, around 100 mobilized servicemen assigned to the military unit 87441 (80th Tank Regiment of the 90th Tank Division) were stationed in the building of a former school and were waiting to be deployed in the combat zone. According to preliminary data, Dmitry L., a mobilized platoon commander from the Sverdlovsk region, was intoxicated that night. Around 5 a.m. on Jan. 14, he detonated an RGD-5 grenade in the building. As a result of the explosion, ammunition stored there detonated, leading to a fire. According to sources, three draftees were killed, 16 wounded, and the fate of at least 8 servicemen remains unknown. It is reported that civilians were not injured. Dmitry L. is currently receiving treatment at the Second Municipal Hospital of Belgorod along with fifteen other wounded servicemen. Regional authorities did not comment on the deaths of the draftees.

Conscripts from seven constituent entities of the Russian Federation — cities of Volgograd, Izhevsk, Kirov, Voronezh, the Chuvash Republic, and the Samara and Smolensk regions — arrived in the Belgorod region to meet with its Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov.

According to the Mobilizovannye Tomsk [The Mobilized from Tomsk] Telegram channel, some mobilized soldiers from the Tomsk region are currently in Belarus. In addition, as the media outlet reported earlier, some mobilized soldiers from the Novosibirsk region could have been transferred to one of the cities of Belarus on the border with Ukraine.

Mobilized soldiers from the Kursk region received the cargo collected by the regional government and local administrations. The aid is intended for the construction of new engineering structures in the Kupiansk direction. The cargo included various building materials as well as warm clothes, heaters, medicines, and other necessary things.  Mobilized servicemen from the Novopokrovsky district of the Krasnodar region received printed newspapers together with the aid of their fellow countrymen.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense held a downhill ice skating tournament in the Patriot Park in the Moscow region. The competition was attended by servicemen of the central military administration bodies and park employees.

The resident of the Kungursky district of the Perm region and a father of many children filed a lawsuit to declare illegal the refusal to grant him a draft deferral. The man referred to the instructions of the General Staff, according to which people raising three children under the age of 16 may expect to be granted a draft deferral. As a result, the court sided with the man and found that the right to receive a draft deferral had been violated. The claim was satisfied: the refusal to grant a draft deferral was declared illegal, and the draft board was ordered to reconsider the decision.

According to Ostorozhno, novosti [Beware, the news] Telegram channel, a building on the territory of the Tavria gardening partnership in the Gagarinsky district of Sevastopol caught fire last night. Local residents called rescuers who discovered that the roof of an accessory building was on fire. The fire was extinguished and the culprit of the fire, 38-year-old Nikolay K., was quickly found. The man said that he was a serviceman of the 126th Coastal Defense Brigade. He also said that being under the influence of drugs, he had climbed onto the site and set fire to the carpet to warm up a bit. Later, a syringe and remains of a substance were found at the scene. The serviceman was transferred to his unit; an inspection is underway.

In Izhevsk, the campaign was launched to collect signatures against the production of drones at the site of the Italmas shopping center, located among residential buildings in the city center. We wrote about the initiative to re-equip the shopping center in one of our previous summaries. Meanwhile, a truck transporting anti-tank pyramids overturned in the Moscow region. As a result of the accident, traffic on one of the lanes was partially blocked.

In the Primorsky region, children of the draftees and those killed in the war will be provided subsidized school meals. The decree to that effect has been published by the regional government. According to the document, children of service members missing in action and those who became disabled as a result of their wounds will also receive the 100 rubles [cca $1,5] per day school meal allowance.

Images of flyers allegedly produced by the “Orto-innovatsiya” [Ortho-Innovation] center for orthopedics and prosthetics in Samara have appeared in the internet that advertise a “great deal” for soldiers maimed in the war: a 25% discount for those who returned from the war missing an arm or a leg and a 30% discount if missing both legs. However, the company, on its official website, has denied it had anything to do with the aforementioned flyers.

Children with special developmental needs will be united into a pro-war organization. The organization is being created by the activists of the All-Russia People’s Front (ARPF) that received a grant for the project from the presidential fund. Co-chairman of the ARPF headquarters in the Kostroma region Pavel Zayfidi won a presidential grant in the amount of 2.2 million rubles to create a club for children with special needs called Zalog zdorovya [Zecurity of Health]. Among other things, the project plans include “spiritual and moral education for children with psychological deviations.” In that regard, we remind you of the material by the Vyorstka media outlet that analyzed the distribution of presidential grants for the year 2023.