mobilization briefs
November 13, 2022

Russian mobilization update, November 11-12

Presidential Envoy to the Russian Far Eastern Federal District, Yury Trutnev, visited mobilized soldiers at the district tank training center in the village of Peschanka near Chita. Together with Alexander Osipov, Governor of Transbaikalia, and Alexei Rtishchev, Acting Chief of Staff of the Eastern Military District, they checked the training of mobilized soldiers. According to the Plenipotentiary, after the inspection and discussions with the officers, a number of questions arose. He did not specify what these questions were.

Governor of the Vladimir region, Alexander Avdeev, met with wives and mothers of the mobilized. They complained about problems with supplies to the army. Avdeev said that he will discuss with the commanders the possibility of transferring soldiers to the rear for "re-equipment and respite."

According to the EAN (Russian news agency), Sergei Chirkov, the acting military commissar [head of enlistment office] of the Sverdlovsk region, is relinquishing his powers by order of Russia’s Defense Minister, who signed the document back on November 4. Now, the colonel will continue to serve in the status of deputy chief. Yury Aksenov from Mari El has become the new commissariat chief. The publication "It's my city" was unable to independently confirm this information.

The first PMC may appear in Russia under the Orthodox church. Representatives of the community of the St. Nicholas Kronstadt Maritime Cathedral announced the creation of volunteer battalions for sending to the zone of "Special Military Operation." The organization will be called "St. Andrew's Cross." It is now being used as a base for training those drafted for mobilization.

The dispatch of regular bi-yearly conscripts begins. The first convoy left the Sverdlovsk region yesterday.

The Russian Defense Ministry has published footage of the training and combat coordination of airborne troops made up of mobilized soldiers. Also, training of the mobilized continues at training ranges in Belarus. At the firing range of the Southern Military District in Stavropol Krai, the mobilized servicemen underwent training in UAV-based fire control. In the Zaporizhzhia region, mobilized soldiers took part in the delivery of humanitarian aid to people in need.

There is information about another basement on the territory of the so-called. "LPR", where mobilized soldiers are kept. This prison is located in the village of Golubivka, and 38 soldiers from the Kursk region who refused to return to the front lines are held there. The Sirena Telegram channel has previously informed about them.

“We’re going just like lambs to the slaughter”: a mobilized soldier from Lipetsk told about the situation at the front. The Vornadzor Telegram channel talked to Tatyana – the wife of one of the mobilized. On October 20, her husband Yevgeny found himself in a unit in Voronezh, and on November 1 he got to Valuyki "for further training." According to the documents, he is in the village of Tetkino near Kursk together with other mobilized soldiers, but in reality, the men are already fighting near Luhansk. According to Yevgeny, they are sent to the front line "like cannon fodder", and many of them have been killed.

The mobilized from the Altai Territory found themselves in the same situation as the military personnel conscripted from the Kursk, Voronezh, Belgorod and other regions. The Altaians were drafted at the end of September, and after two weeks of “useless training” they were sent to the front line. After being ambushed, part of the company retreated to Svatove from where they are being threatened in order to make them go back to the front line. The second part of the company remained in position. However, having suffered significant losses after constant shelling, they also retreated. Now the mobilized are in the rear and demand a meeting with the military prosecutor.

29-year-old Sergei from Kuzbass arrived in Omsk in early October along with the other mobilized. For almost a month and a half, he has been on the exercises and now wants to go to the “Special Military Operation” zone as soon as possible. He spoke about how men are actually prepared for service, what was happening in the military field camp and how long they would stay there.

Relatives of the mobilized from Belgorod created a petition in which they demanded that the authorities of the region return home the soldiers sent to the Luhansk region. Mobilized soldiers from Bashkortostan complained about the equipment with which they were going to be sent to the front. According to them, the armor does not protect the stomach area, it cannot be fastened as well. Not all soldiers received the promised allowance.

The number of obituary notices of mobilized men from different regions of the country is multiplying. A resident of Buryatia, Sergeant Alexei Vakhrenev, born in 1988, mobilized on September 21, was killed at the front on October 31. His countryman Alexei Parfenov, born in 1975, was drafted on September 30 and was buried today. Danil Seroguzov, a resident of the Ulyanovsk region, born in 2000, Dmitry Lazepnikov, a resident of Crimea, born in 1982, Vito Malishava, a resident of the Volgograd region, born in 1992, and 38-year-old resident of Transbaikal Maksim Mukhametzyarov are presumed dead. 30-year-old Nikolai Itygin from the Krasnoyarsk region was mobilized on September 26, and was killed near Kherson on November 4, 33-year-old Sergei Baboshin from the Sverdlovsk region was mobilized on September 27; a notice of his death was received on November 9. Ruslan Abdurasulov, a resident of the Rostov region, born in 1992, was mobilized in September and was killed on November 1 in the territory of the so-called DPR; Alexander Strelets from the Kamchatka region was killed on November 7 on the territory of the self-proclaimed republics; 45-year-old Vyacheslav Perevalov was killed on October 12 in the so-called LNR. Dmitry Bekhtin, a Moscow resident, born in 1997, mobilized into the 27th Motorized Rifle Brigade, was taken prisoner in Svatovo, the Luhansk region.

The budgetary (state-owned) institutions of St. Petersburg are collecting information about employees subject to military service. And residents of one of the residential houses in Kemerovo are being warned about checks to find draft evaders in three districts of the city at once and are asked to "show understanding".

A mobilized Tyumen resident stated that his military occupational specialty had been illegally changed. Artem Mukhanov did military service in the ranks of electronic warfare units, but a military recruitment office of the Kazansky and Sladkovsky districts turned him into a rifle squad commander with one document.

Investigation officers initiated a procedural check of the video of the brutal beating of a mobilized man near Volgograd. Almost a month after the fact, the law enforcement agency acknowledged the incident.