mobilization briefs
November 14, 2022

Volunteer summary on mobilization in the Russian Federation for November 12–13

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the demobilization of students in the so-called. "DNR" and "LNR", who had been called up for military service before the territories were annexed to the Russian Federation. They will be sent home where they can continue their education.

The governor of the Oryol region, Andrey Klychkov, visited a military base in Smolensk to  check the quality of the backpacks issued to the mobilized. There, he distributed new backpacks, bulletproof vests, knitted caps, balaclavas, raincoats and knee pads to the conscripts. Klychkov also said that portable radio transmitters, generators, chainsaws, shovels, gas burners and drones had been bought for them. After the trip, the governor posted a video showing two mobilized soldiers saying that "they feel great," "the morale is high," and "the preparations are in full swing."

The mobilized from military unit 95370 in the Patriot park near Moscow staged a riot due to poor training, supplies and medical support as one of the servicemen of this unit reported to “Verstka” (Russian independent media outlet). He also handed over a video recording of a conversation between a representative of the mobilized and an officer. The Telegram channel “Ostorozhno, novosti” ("Caution, the news") got the continuation of this dialogue. In the second part of the video, communication with the officer becomes more aggressive. During the dispute , one of the mobilized insults and pushes the officer. It is reported that now several mobilized soldiers are threatened with criminal charges.

Relatives of the mobilized from the Voronezh region confirm that their close ones from the 362nd Regiment, deployed at the frontline in the Svatove area, are reported missing. They were cut off from their allowance because of that. Some mobilized soldiers reach out to their relatives on a regular basis, but their current whereabouts are unknown. “We are sure that even the command is not aware of where their soldiers are”, — told one of the relatives.

Relatives of the mobilized from the Tula region recorded an appeal to Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu with a request to sort out the situation with their husbands. They had been deployed at once at the frontline in the Luhansk region without training or gear. “They have been surviving for 15 hours under fire. They were shelled. The guys turned out to be out of touch and without command. With only assault rifles facing the air force, tanks and drones”.

Nastoyashee Vremya (Current Time) news outlet talked to the relatives of the mobilized soldiers within the Yampil regiment, who had been sent from a military base in Valuyki (Belgorod region) to the frontline to dig trenches, as previously reported several times. The men abandoned their positions after heavy shelling and managed to reach Valuyki. There they were forced to get back to the frontline by threats. Meanwhile, the most proactive ones were then transported to the Luhansk region and were put into “the pit” — a prison in Zaitseve, where approximately 250 refuseniks had been detained.

Penza officials threatened a resident with a criminal case "for spreading false information" because of her complaint to the governor about the lack of training of the mobilized. Under Governor Oleg Melnichenko's post, she reported that mobilized soldiers from the third regiment were sent to the first line of defense without any training.

Anastasia Kashevarova (pro-Wagner propagandist) asked propagandist Vladimir Solovyov, who went to Donetsk, to deal with the "whining" abandoned mobilized men by "yelling" at their commanders.

The Russian Defense Ministry continues to assure day-to-day that mobilized soldiers have everything: training, equipment, and fighting spirit. According to the Defense Ministry, snipers among the mobilized continue to undergo training in the Novosibirsk region. In the rear zone of the "special operation," the final stage of training of T-80 and T-72 tank crews among the mobilized people is underway. In Serpukhov, near Moscow, a "ceremonial sending" of the mobilized to the front took place.

A couple of mobilized soldiers were taken prisoner in the Kherson region: Vladimir Ivanovich Zargaryan, 36, from Stavropol, and Vladimir Valerievich Chilintaev, 43, from the Krasnodar region.

In October, a video appeared on social networks, in which mobilized Tyumen residents complained about life in the "special operation" zone. After that, Governor Aleksander Moor sent his representatives to investigate this case. They found that the mobilized men have an adequate standard of living: they receive hot meals regularly and they are in a fighting mood. However, the men kept complaining even after contacting the authorities. One of the mobilized sent another video about the conditions in the "special operation" zone. He explained that nothing changed after the inspection.

The military commissariat in Kamyshlov, Sverdlovsk region, refused to disclose a soldier's ID number to his wife and mother, explaining that such disclosure would constitute misconduct in public office. State Duma deputy Maksim Ivanov says the women traveled to Yekaterinburg to visit the regional military commissariat to receive this information. Additionally, he confirmed that not all mobilized individuals have ID tags.

Any Tatarstan resident, previously qualified as draft exempt, can now be conscripted according to the Sovietsky district court of Kazan ruling, after hearing a case filed by drafted employees of the JSC Transneft-Prikamye. During the court proceedings, conscription office representatives argued that any draft exemption acquired after the official mobilization announcement is not valid. The plaintiff's side has argued that there is a lack of draft exemption application forms in the region. At the same time twin brothers from Novokuznetsk have managed to sway the court's decision in their favor and avoid the draft. Their winning argument was that they have no military experience of any sort. Several Bryansk's conscripts had their conscription status overturned and ruled unlawful by the Bryansk military court, based on them not receiving any formal military training and qualified medical help. Criminal charges against one of them were also dropped.

A father of five from Russia’s constituent Republic of Adygea, Vechaslav Slipchenko, was able to successfully reverse a court decision about his conscription status. The court has ruled Mr Slipchenko was his family's sole provider and a father of five underaged children. Maykop's Public Prosecutor has accepted that Mr Slipchenko was conscripted unlawfully. But even before the court's official ruling, the conscription office had already dropped their intention to conscript Slipchenko into military service.

In Saint Petersburg, students of the children's and youth center “Krasnogvardeets” and schoolchildren of the Krasnogvardeisky district sent parcels and letters with words of support to mobilized soldiers at the front. Pupils of the Ryshkovsky school of the Kursk region made “hearts of kindness” for soldiers. The purpose of the project was to express words of support and gratitude to participants in the war. A six-year-old girl from Bryansk handed over her drawing and her grandmother's jam to soldiers. Students of one of the colleges in Timashevsk (Krasnodar Territory) were forced to contribute to the war. Young people have to donate food, household chemicals and medical supplies for the needs of the military, calling it “humanitarian aid” every two weeks, according to the schedule.

Ural street artist Slava Ptrk presented his new work “The Second Army of the World is looking for volunteers” as part of the Carte Blanche festival in Montenegro. A draft office appeared in the forest in Montenegro.