mobilization briefs
November 16, 2022

Russian mobilization news update by CIT volunteers. November 14-15

A person who witnessed the altercation between the Russian army serviceman, Aleksandr Leshkov and lieutenant colonel Denis Mazanov, that took place in the "Patriot" park, is saying that Mr Leshkov is in the prosecutor's custody now. A criminal case against him is being put together. "He is our voice. He spoke for every one of us. Everybody kept quiet but he spoke up. We can't give him up now" - conscripts are saying. The draftee from the Patriot park training center revealed what it was that the conscripts were not happy with. In his opinion, draftees should be coached to deal with threats they could face during real-life fighting. However, the center has no instructors that saw action; therefore, the training that conscripts are being put through is only formal. As per information from the "Caution, news" Telegram channel, Mr Leshkov will be charged with Part 3 of the Article 334 and Part 2 of the Article 336 of the Russian Criminal Code, meaning "violence and insult towards an officer of the army". Also, because the offense took place during the mobilization period (the end of which was announced by the Minister Shoigu), the man is facing 5 to 15 years of jail time. The court has ordered to detain Mr Leshkov until the 13th of January.

Conscripts from the Smolensk region complained that they were forced to retreat from the left bank of the Dnipro River. They are saying they were not provided with the means to defend themselves and they had no communication with the general command (of the army).

Wives of those mobilized from the Kursk region came to Moscow yesterday and visited "the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office, Shoigu’s Ministry of Defense, and the State Duma." A note appeared on Svetlana Gorbatenko's page in which she thanked State Duma deputy Shamsail Saraliev and said that they were very warmly welcomed, listened to and promised help. Despite all the difficulties and confusions with their mobilized husbands, the wives continue to believe in the victory of Russia: “God help us. Go Russia".

Igor Artamonov, the governor of the Lipetsk Oblast, said that the wives and mothers of the soldiers appealed to him. According to them, those mobilized in the Svatovo area were sent to the front line without training or equipment. Artamonov said that the soldiers were left without command or ammunition. The governor wants to demand clarification from the Ministry of Defense about where the mobilized are and what is happening to them.

Wives of those mobilized from Ulyanovsk ask for publicity: their husbands have been left on the front line, there is no contact with them. One of the wives wrote a complaint to the military prosecutor's office. She is trying to get her husband back from the front line due to medical reasons. Other wives of the mobilized are sounding the alarm - after two weeks in the Ulyanovsk training camp, their husbands, who never did a single shot, were sent to the very hell near Kherson. Other wives ask the administration of the Krasnodar Krai to help their husbands with food and gear.

A relative of a mobilized soldier from the 331st Airborne Regiment told that after assignment to the unit he and his fellow soldiers were given 6B45 bulletproof vests from the Ratnik gear kit, which have very good characteristics. The mobilized were training with these vests and were supposed to move into the combat zone with them, however, a few days before they were deployed, the 6B45 bulletproof vests were taken away, and instead they were given Chinese replicas of the American bulletproof vest of the 90s. And those mobilized from Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug freeze in summer boots during exercises in the Omsk region. The Ministry of Defense has to provide servicemen with proper footwear. But they were not given winter boots. “When will they provide [boots], no one knows. The commanders yell at us because of the non-standard footwear, we ask the supply officers when they will give us warm footwear, but we don’t get answers,” says one of the guys.

Relatives of the mobilized soldiers from the Voronezh region recorded a second video about the situation with their relatives near Svatove. They continuously suffered losses, because they couldn’t withstand artillery with assault rifles. At the same time, the command took them to the front line by deceit, assuring that they were being taken to a safe place. Relatives have already filed complaints with the Governor of the region Aleksandr Gusev, but he ignored them, “He said that he would resolve the issues and was in contact with our relatives. He didn’t even call any of them.”

Mobilized soldiers from Yaroslavl wrote a collective complaint after arriving in the Nizhny Novgorod village of Mulino. During the trip, personal belongings of the mobilized were lost. In addition, the men had to wait outside for accommodation for a long time. The Governor of the Yaroslavl region is going to sort out the situation together with the Military Prosecutor's Office.

The heads of the Novosibirsk mobilized stated that "after the recent public outcry in social networks" "the equipment will be normal." City Council member Anton Burmistrov told about this when meeting the mobilized at the training ground of the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School in the science city of Koltsovo.

The wife of a mobilized soldier asks for help. Nikolay Loginov from Lipetsk was mobilized on October 26. The therapist stated that he was fit for service regardless of his chronic diseases and preoperative condition. In a unit, due to physical exertion, an exacerbation of the disease of the spine occurred resulting in a paralyzed leg. He lies, does not attend training, and cannot walk. The garrison refuses medical examination referring to the fact that they are not going to clear up the mistakes of the Lipetsk Draft Office. There are only pro forma letters from the prosecutor's offices, and the courts reject the claims. In Nizhnevartovsk, a man was mobilized with high blood pressure, kidney and thyroid problems. The mother of the mobilized complained to a draft office and the governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, but there are still no results. The assistant to the military commissar said, "The army owes nothing to anyone, you should have examined him earlier, now it’s useless to complain."

Reports about soldiers being killed in Ukraine continue to appear. Aleksandr Permyakov from Yuzhnouralsk died from a shrapnel wound to the chest a month after he was mobilized. Junior Sergeant Aleksandr Orlov, 33, from Sterlitamak was killed. Vladislav Zamai, 49, was killed on November 2, along with the entire crew of an air defense system. Also in Ukraine on October 24, Andrey Chukin, 31, was killed, he was mobilized from Serov, Sverdlovsk region on September 29. Maxim Saitaev, born in 1987 in Bashkiria, was called up for war in September and died in November 2022. According to Astra media outlet, on November 14, near the village of Markovo, Kursk region, mobilized soldier Dmitry Tikhonov, 41, was injured with a drone-dropped munition.

The buses that went to the combat zone for the mobilized Penza residents who were exempted from the military service returned empty. Several users posted this on the VKontakte page of Governor Oleg Melnichenko.

As reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense, combat training is continuing for mobilized soldiers. For example, in the Leningrad region, classes at a training ground take place both day and night. Training of mobilized soldiers continues in the Southern Military District's training centers. The mobilized Sakhalin residents learn to operate quadcopters. And in the Khabarovsk Territory, the mobilized improve their skills of shooting an SVD marksman rifle. Mobilized soldiers from Omsk were sent to the combat zone today. The servicemen were bid farewell by the governor of the region. Mobilized soldiers from the Ulyanovsk region left for the rear zones of the "special military operation".

The Ministry of Defense stated that allowances to mobilized residents of the Saratov region were paid. In the video accompanying the recording, two cooks confirm receiving the money in full, but do not specify the amount. In addition, mobilized servicemen will receive bonuses between 50 and 300 thousand rubles for destroying Ukraine's vehicles, according to the Ministry of Defense.

Residents of Khaidar Begichev street in Kazan complained about drunk mobilized soldiers who tried to break into people's houses in an “insane state”.

12 mobilized soldiers arranged a shootout in the “Joker” cafe in Melitopol on the 11th of November. Military police immediately came to the place and detained 12 men: 7 privates, 2 junior sergeants, a corporal, a captain and a lieutenant.  They were taken to a disposal of the Military Police company.

“Metiz” Syktyvkar hardware store posted on its facade a banner with a photo of a shop assistant who went to the war in Ukraine. Management of the store decided to “support” the mobilized employee Oleg Kuznetsov in this way.

Residents of Yamal peninsula were offered to collect New Year gifts for mobilized soldiers.  Seamstresses from Uray, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous okrug-Yugra sewed free clothes and sleeping bags for mobilized men. Children of a Syktyvkar orphanage sew T-shirts for the mobilized.

The head of the Special Programs Department of the Pskov region Government Andrey Vyunov answered a family’s appeal who couldn’t fly to Cuba because of the mobilization. He advised them to contact the military commissariat, Prosecutor’s Office or a court to appeal the travel ban.

The court dismissed a claim of a man from Saint Petersburg who was mobilized not according to his military specialty. The man is a reserve officer as commander of an artillery battery. But a military commissariat sent him to serve in a mortar platoon.

Claims of residents for the cancellation of their mobilization continue to enter the courts of Omsk region. This information has come from the press service of the Regional Court: “In the justification of the claim in the Sovetsky District Court of Omsk the applicant referred to the disease which prevents military service. The same reason along with the presence of 2 children was specified by another mobilized man in his claim in the Central District Court of Omsk”.