mobilization briefs
November 29, 2022

Mobilization in Russia for November 27–28, volunteer summary

Russian President’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov informed journalists that the Kremlin hasn’t seen the appeal by the Yabloko Party [Russia’s liberal party] to issue a decree to formalize the completion of the mobilization. Peskov then proposed that questions about the mobilization specifics go to the Ministry of Defense. When asked about the petition to end the “special military operation” submitted by a group of mothers of mobilized soldiers, Peskov said that he hadn’t seen it either and, therefore, couldn't comment on it.

The Main Military Medical Directorate of the Ministry of Defence prohibited conducting medical examinations of mobilized soldiers except for the purposes of declaring servicemen permanently or temporarily unfit for service (i.e., classifying them into categories G or D). Doctors are referring to the clarification of policy issued by the Main Military Medical Directorate of the Ministry of Defense on September 30. According to this policy, the medical exams are conducted only when there are grounds to recognize servicemen as permanently unfit to serve (category D) and take them off the military rolls or temporarily unfit for military service (category G) and put them on medical leave. Therefore, commanders may now assign tasks to conscripts not healthy enough to fulfill them.

The Yabloko Party delegation to the Karelian legislature demanded that the regional head Artur Parfenchikov conduct a medical examination of all mobilized residents of the republic. They demanded information on whether all mobilized Karelia residents had undergone a medical exam and that “medical examinations or certifications” are conducted in those cases where the rules had been violated.

The head of Sakhalin will send the mothers of mobilized soldiers on a "mission trip" to Donbas. It is necessary to "provide more targeted and effective aid" to the soldiers. The costs of the trips will be covered by the United Russia Party [Vladimir Putin’s ruling party], Governor Valery Limarenko said.

More than 100 appeals for support of families of mobilized Novosibirsk residents were received during the day by the reception room of the Novosibirsk regional Governor Andrey Travnikov. The people ask for financial aid to buy coal and firewood, compensation of expenses for gas supply to houses, health resort treatment vouchers for children, and "compensation of expenses for the purchase of additional uniforms for mobilized men."

Some of the mobilized fathers of three from Buryatia still have not returned home, the head of the republic Alexey Tsydenov admitted. During a live broadcast on the VKontakte social network, he answered the question of one of the residents, who said that her husband was sent to the "special operation" despite his three children. "We received the directive not to conscript those who have three children when we had already, in fact, completed the mobilization," Tsydenov said. But, according to the official, the mobilized fathers of three should be returned from Ukraine.

Draft offices began to ban men from leaving the country if they receive a draft notice to "clarify their data." The Sota Telegram channel found out about such a case from a young man who recently visited a military commissariat in Moscow. The military commissar did not tell him for how long the restriction was imposed: the young man did not serve, but he  trained at a reserve-officer training department and has a foreign passport. In Kirov, residents continue to receive draft notices. Employees of one of the city enterprises found draft notices in their mailboxes. They were asked to come to the draft office "to clarify the military registration data" before the New Year holidays. Reportedly, draft notices were sent to all employees under the age of 35. In Kazan, a man was mobilized after Shoigu [Russian Minister of Defense] announced the end of the mobilization. His military ID card was stamped with the date of mobilization 5 days earlier than the date he received the official draft notice.

The Chita Garrison Military Court did not agree with the President's words regarding the end of  the mobilization. A serviceman's contract had expired, but he was not discharged, and he appealed to the court. However, the court said that the mobilization is ongoing and that nobody will retire from active service so easily. In two Chita schools, principals asked employees to turn in their hand-delivered exemptions from the draft. The exemption was given this September for a year. Tatyana Klimenko, Minister of Science and Education of the Zabaykalsky region, called this information a fake in her conversation with a journalist on November 28.

A group of Russian soldiers claimed unlawful imprisonment in a basement in the territory of "LPR" because of their refusal to participate in hostilities. Two contracted soldiers and relatives of three mobilized men, who are currently being held in the basement in Zaitseve, appealed to the military investigative authorities. The applicants are asking to initiate a criminal case on abuse of authority, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment.

The wives of mobilized men from Kopeysk, Chelyabinsk region, signed a collective appeal asking the authorities to take control of service payments to their husbands, who have been in the area of the “special military operation” since October 12, but are still not enlisted at any military unit. A group of 12 mobilized residents of Nizhny Novgorod, who are located in the Kursk region, continue to complain about the lack of necessary gear. According to the men, they were not supplied with underwear, boots, field glasses, quadcopters, etc.

In the Kostroma region, mobilized soldiers are being trained before leaving  for the “special operation” area. Representatives of an unnamed PMC [private military company] are training draftees in a military camp near Chebarkul, as a relative of one of the mobilized men told [Russian human rights organization].

There are more reports of the death of draftees. Roman Glocker from Priblizhnaya, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, born in 1994, was mobilized on September 24, and was killed in the Zaporizhzhia region on November 6. Albert Seferbekov, a 29-year-old mobilized from Urga, Dagestan, was killed in Ukraine. The deaths of mobilized residents of the South Ural region were also reported: Samat Ishkinin, 24, Ivan Sheshegov, 25, Radmir Khakimov, 26,  Aleksey Polenok, 21, and Aleksey Kolmogorov, 23, were killed in Ukraine. Fifteen soldiers from the Vladimir region were captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the Governor of the region Aleksandr Avdeyev, some of them were  exchanged successfully.

The government of the Belgorod region admitted that they could not find missing draftees — the officials do not have the authority to do that. Officials from the Mayor's Office of Barnaul told how they helped the families of mobilized soldiers.

Yulia Boyko, the widow of Colonel Sergei Boyko, wrote to Putin about non-serviceable military equipment and problems of mobilized soldiers in the Primorsky region. The colonel was responsible for preparation of vehicles and training of draftees. His body with gunshot wounds was found in the office of the Head of the Pacific Higher Naval School on November 16. Yulia Boyko's open letter was published by NEWS.VL media outlet. Yulia does not believe that her husband committed suicide, although this is the main version according to the investigators.

Banks refuse to provide payment breaks to mobilized soldiers. At the forum, clients of Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff-Bank, Alfa-Bank and other banks report that mobilized men do not receive the promised deferrals, according to Kommersant [Russian newspaper].

Russian employers see the need for special programs for rehabilitation and adaptation of employees who have been mobilized, and their families. These are the results of a survey conducted by the Get Experts recruiting company, the Tinkov Family Foundation, and the Leukemia Foundation.

27 mobilized employees of the largest producer of titanium VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation located in the Sverdlovsk region will return home. Previously, they were conscripted despite their draft deferments. A resident of Ufa succeeded in returning her mobilized son from the war zone.

In Yekaterinburg, mobilized soldier Nikolai K., 39, was detained for stealing rounds from his military unit. He turned out to have been mobilized in October, then had training and operational coordination in a tent camp in the Chelyabinsk region for about a month, but was eventually sent home. Now he is facing punishment. In Ryazan, a 41-year-old mobilized man attacked a traffic police officer, trying to save his wife from a fine for drunk driving. The traffic police officer ended up in hospital, and the mobilized man faces a criminal case. In the Novosibirsk region, a mobilized man from Tuva was detained on suspicion of killing a local resident.

In Cherepovets, two minors were charged with suspended sentences for attempting to set a draft office on fire on the night of May 8.

Lists of items that can be donated to Russian soldiers have been sent to kindergartens in Pskov: they collect everything from condensed milk to lip balm and shoelaces. A Tyumen businessman donated two washing machines to participants of the "special military operation." Schoolchildren from Barnaul repair drones and send them to soldiers. Canned meat with "creative" inscriptions is being sent from the Republic of Komi to servicemen in Ukraine. Specialized equipment and gear for military personnel were delivered from the Altai region to the 21st Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade.

The media found out which of the children of the Russian oligarchs are subject to mobilization and who can be drafted right away. For example, Nikita Mordashov, son of Alexey Mordashov, Severstal owner, has completed military service. 21-year-old Pyotr Deripaska, son of Oleg Deripaska, founder of the Rusal aluminium company, played football and tennis and swam. Yusuf Alekperov, Ilya Galchev, Vasily and Ivan Potanin, Said Kerimov, Nikita Mazepin, Said Gutseriev, Jahangir Makhmudov are also on this list.

Mobilized soldiers from Tatarstan recorded a video greeting for Mother's Day, which was celebrated yesterday. Kursk authorities removed the post about towels donated to the mothers of the killed soldiers on Mother's Day. In Serpukhov, mobilized men were caught on surveillance cameras in an alcoholic beverages store while stealing alcohol. According to social media, goods worth 250,000 rubles were stolen from the store within a month.