mobilization briefs
November 7, 2022

Russian mobilization update for November 5–6

Evgeny Prigozhin (Russian oligarch, confidant of Vladimir Putin, and owner of the Wagner PMC) creates militia training centers in the Kursk and Belgorod regions. He believes that enterprises should send 25% of their employees for military training every week. According to his plan, the groups will rotate each other: "one week in the trenches, three weeks at home and work.”  According to Prigozhin, locals know the terrain better than anyone else, so they should be sent to the first line of defense if Russia is attacked.

Residents of Yugra complained via social networks that they continue to receive draft notices despite the announcement of the end of mobilization. The Unified Service of operational assistance to citizens on matters of "partial" mobilization reported that if the notice was sent at the end of October, the mobilized person has to appear at the military commissariat since he is still subject to conscription. In the Vladimir region, doctors from several hospitals were mobilized. Earlier, the governor claimed that there was a lack of medical personnel in the region.

A battalion of mobilized people was destroyed in the Luhansk region. Aleksey Agafonov, a survivor, told about it to the Verstka media outlet. According to him, the mobilized from the Voronezh region were "thrown to the front" near Makiivka to close gaps in the defense. They were told to dig in - there were three shovels for the whole battalion. "And by morning, the shelling began - artillery, Grads (MLRS), mortars, copters, they just shot us. When it all started, the officers immediately ran away." Before that, another battalion of mobilized soldiers was destroyed there. The death toll may exceed 500. Nikolay Voronin, who was mobilized from the Voronezh region and was also under fire near Makiivka, confirmed to Verstka that an entire battalion had been destroyed. Relatives of the mobilized recorded a video message to the regional governor Alexander Gusev asking him to help the abandoned servicemen. Today, he met with the relatives of the mobilized and promised to recall the conscripted residents of the region from the frontline to the rear for three days. Alena Desyatnikova, the wife of one of the mobilized Voronezh residents, spoke to the TVRain channel. She said that more than 80 mobilized men from the Voronezh region who escaped the shelling were taken to a unit in Valuiki and now are being held there. "Psychologists are working with them and say they have to return to the frontline." Of more than 80 people who left Valuiki, 33 have returned, she said.

“I cannot kill a person for reasons of conscience. It’s beyond comprehension — how can I kill? I am a civilian, I work at an enterprise, provide for my family, take care of my parents and paralyzed grandmother. I'm not ready for this kind of hostilities. I was brought here by fraud of the military,” —  this is a report with a refusal to participate in the war in Ukraine by a mobilized soldier from Primorsky Territory, who right now, according to his wife, is being held in a basement together with the other mobilized in the Donetsk region.

More than a dozen mobilized servicemen had a fight at the Leninsky market in Omsk on November 5. According to witnesses, many of the fighters were drunk.

The military prosecutor's office of the Omsk garrison is conducting an investigation after a scandalous incident of extortions from the mobilized for diesel fuel to heat tents and refuel vehicles. It is not only about fuel, but also "the training and living conditions in the field camp."

The mobilized from Chuvashia, previously rebellious, thanked the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation "for providing a detailed explanation." The official Telegram channel of the Investigative Committee published a video in which the mobilized, who went on strike on November 2, thanked the officials for clarification on their wages issue. However, there are only two men in the video, and the words they say seem to be memorized.

The Telegram channel "Serditaya (Angry) Chuvashia" published another video of the events at the Kazan Higher Tank Command School. The mobilized in the video, among other things, talk to General Kulakov, who came to meet them, and demand compliance with the previous conditions, as well as a public apology.

Mikhail Vasilyev, an Orthodox priest who became notorious for his scandalous advice to mothers to give birth to more children so that they would not be afraid of mobilization, was killed in Ukraine "while in the line of pastoral duties." Andrey Shibaev from Satka, Chelyabinsk Oblast, was mobilized on September 27, and exactly one month later, on October 27, he was buried in his homeland. And another funeral ceremony in Satka, for Dmitry Beltyukov, is arranged for tomorrow. An Evenki native from Ulyunkhan village (Buryatia), Zhargal Achituev, (born 1987), was mobilized on September 21 and was killed in Ukraine a month later. Roman Dimidenkov, born in 1995, from the city of Velikiye Luki, Pskov Oblast, became a POW just one and a half hours after his deployment in Ukraine. In Bashkortostan, a mobilized man was beaten. He had managed to return home thanks to exemption. The attacker himself, obviously, was not mobilized for the war.

Mobilized soldiers write notes instead of training military skills at training grounds in Vladivostok. A mobilized man from Sarov has made an angry video appeal to the head of the town. He says that his comrades have been sent to the front without any equipment once again.

More videos have been published by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Mobilized soldiers perform combat shooting as part of squads at training grounds of the Baltic Fleet in Kaliningrad regions, mobilized men from Sakhalin Island improve firing skills from anti-tank rocket systems and mortars and intensive training of reconnaissance groups from among the mobilized is continuing in Siberia. Artists of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Central Military District performed for mobilized servicemen in the rear area of the “special operation” territory. In total, they are planning to visit 10 military units with their concerts.