mobilization briefs
October 12, 2022

Mobilization summary for October 10–11

The parliamentary party Spravedlivaya Rossiya - Za Pravdu [A Just Russia - For Truth] proposed to its colleagues in the State Duma to exempt from mobilization those citizens whose relatives were mobilized and died. Oleg Matveichev, the member of the State Duma committee on the investigation of foreign interference, condemned yesterday's initiative of the Crimean authorities to restrict the freedom of movement of men. Dmitry Peskov also commented on this proposal: "Presently there is no position on the idea of banning men from leaving Russia during partial mobilization, I do not know that this issue is being discussed."

Sverdlovsk Ombudswoman Tatiana Merzlyakova confirmed that the pause in partial mobilization was extended, and stated that no recruits will be sent to the front until October 12. That notwithstanding, Russian regions are beginning to receive orders for the second wave of mobilization. Voronezh region is among these regions. This time it is planned to call three times fewer Voronezh residents than in the first wave. According to Governor Aleksandr Gusev, mobilization activities will continue after October 10.  And in the Southern Urals, the mobilization of men having many children is postponed until the second stage of mobilization. This instruction was given by Governor Alexey Teksler. Rostov region received a new mobilization plan 8 days after the governor's press service announced that the mobilization plan was completed. In Kursk region, the first stage of the "partial" mobilization has also been completed, the second stage has begun.

Paper media outlet notes that the head of the Vasileostrovsky district of St.Petersburg Eduard Ilyin has edited his post about the course of mobilization. On October 7, he announced on his VKontakte social network page that "mobilization activities in the area are almost completed." On October 10, this publication was edited and now it reads as "mobilization activities in the Vasileostrovsky district are in full swing."

The Military Commissariat [enlistment office] of Moscow continues to distribute summonses via employers. District councils began to call up Moscow residents en masse, exhorting them to visit military commissariats voluntarily and confirm their medical classification. A raid on conscripts took place at the former Pravda plant in Moscow. The most popular military profession during mobilization in Moscow is a motorized rifleman. 23 healthcare workers were mobilized in Chelyabinsk region. In Tyumen and Yaroslavl, mobilized men were sent to the war. Buses with the mobilized from Serpukhov left in two stages: at day and at night.

In the Nenets Autonomous District [a federal subject of Russia], reindeer-breeders will be provided with reservations from mobilization, Governor Yuri Bezdudny said. And the mobilized residents of the Komi Republic will be able to get free legal support out of turn. The families of mobilized Belgorod residents will be paid 3,000 rubles for each child. The families of the mobilized residents of the Omsk region will be supplied with gas pipelines.

Alexander Tarasov, the Head of the Bagansky district, Novosibirsk region, claims that he will go to war as a volunteer. And Azat Badranov, the Deputy Prime Minister of the government of Bashkiria, who volunteered to join the Shaimuratov Battalion, had a say about cowards and traitors.

Mobilized from the Murmansk region ask the governor to provide them with uniforms of appropriate sizes. “The provided uniforms are old-model and 10 sizes bigger.” A resident of Velikiye Luki complained to the governor that in Tver mobilized soldiers were not supplied with uniforms. In response, officials said that "citizens are provided with everything necessary." At the same time, the Bryansk region sent 150 beds and 300 sleeping bags for mobilized soldiers to the Belgorod region. Parents of gymnasts from Chelyabinsk were asked to give gymnastic mats to the mobilized soldiers. In a military unit of the Belgorod region, the chief of staff argued with mobilized soldiers because of the lack of training.

Residents of St. Petersburg began to receive draft notices from doctors in clinics. So, a resident of St. Petersburg, who came to the doctor with a complaint of an exacerbation of severe bronchial asthma, was handed a draft notice for "partial" mobilization in a district clinic. A resident of the Krasnodar region was mobilized with diabetes and hypertension. And in the Novosibirsk region, a 50-year-old opposition ex-deputy was taken away for mobilization right from a session of a district council. In the Pskov region, a conscript with a bullet in his stomach was drafted: he was wounded in 2013, but doctors considered the operation for removal of the bullet dangerous. Now on November 2, he should be mobilized. In Crimea, despite the announced completion of mobilization, a draft notice was handed to a father of a baby. In Bashkortostan, Ilnar Nurgaliyev, a 30-year-old farmer, a father of three children, was mobilized. He was on sick leave due to a leg injury, but he was still handed a subpoena and drafted. A mobilized resident of Bashkiria, suffering from epileptic seizures, returned to his native town.

About 600 residents of Primorsky Krai [Primorye, a federal subject of Russia] returned home after erroneous mobilization. In total, 7,400 residents were mobilized in Primorye. The main reason for the return is health grounds or presence of minor children. According to Alexander Burkov, the Governor of the Omsk region, a total of only 200 mistakenly mobilized soldiers returned home. In particular, in the Maryanovsky district, a mobilized man who has a dependent disabled mother, returned home. Three mobilized men from Kirov were returned home.

Alexander Burkov, the Governor of the Omsk Region, shared his positive impressions of the military field camp for the mobilized soldiers after visiting it.

After the [Russian] Ministry of Defense criticized the idea of abandoning New Year holidays in order to help the mobilized, the authorities of Rostov Region nevertheless decided to celebrate the New Year but save on decorations and some events.

The [Russian] Ministry of Defense showed how the mobilized from Siberia and the Urals, as well as Buryatia, are being combat trained. The first mobilized had left Rybinsk for Yaroslavl yesterday. They will be trained at the Anti-Aircraft Missile school in the regional center until December, and then they must leave "to guard new Russian territories." At this time the mobilized make noise and fight around the clock in the 32nd military town of Yekaterinburg. The locals are complaining. News came from there about the death of another mobilized man. In the meantime, 66 people were baptized at the mobilization point in Novosibirsk.

The mobilized, who are at the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School, will be sent to the territories bordering Ukraine in about a week. A combined detachment mobilized from the Ulyanovsk region, Penza, and Bashkortostan was sent to the annexed Crimea. Also, a combined detachment mobilized from Mordovia, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, and Penza regions went from Ulyanovsk to the training centers of the Southern Military District for combat coordination.

News about the mobilized is starting to come in from the war zone as well. For example, Volodymyr Zolkin, who is recording interviews with Russian prisoners of war, released a video with Yegor Chebotarev, mobilized from Lipetsk, who had surrendered near Svatove. In the Sverdlovsk Region, it became known about the death of mobilized Yevgeny Bizyaev in Ukraine, but then the military told his relatives that the man was wounded and survived. The military registration and enlistment office in Krasnoturinsk reported that three previously mobilized were being taken home - two of them were wounded, one died. But the exact names were not given.

A mobilized father of three children from Mglin near Bryansk disappeared in Ukraine. Vasily Kolosov was initially sent to the draft point in Klintsy, on September 30 - to the Belgorod region, and from there on October 1 - to Lyman, then communication with him was lost.

The court in Perm denied the mobilized Alexei Chupin in a lawsuit against the military registration and enlistment office, which sent him to war without a medical examination.

In Buryatia, pets of the mobilized can wait for their owners in shelters. Organizations from Ulan-Ude, Severobaikalsk, Tarbagataisky and Ivolginsky districts are ready to provide such assistance. The stay of animals in shelters for the period of mobilization will be free.

The mobilized were forbidden to talk to the media in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District.

At the Pulkovo airport, a woman dentist who has the rank of junior lieutenant was denied permission to leave the country. About 15 years ago she studied at a medical university, and upon graduation she was given a military ID along with her diploma.