mobilization briefs
October 17, 2022

Volunteer summary of mobilization in the Russian Federation for October 15–16

A conflict led to soldiers opening fire at the shooting range of the military base located in the vicinity of Soloti in the Belgorod region, previously mentioned in these summaries several times already. The accident resulted in killings and injuries. Information regarding the number of casualties and what ignited the conflict is quite contradictory. According to the report of the Ministry of Defense, 11 were killed, 15 were injured and receive medical care currently. Nevertheless, at least 13 men were killed based on the published photos (warning: graphic content). Sota news outlet reports of 22 to have been killed and 16 injured with a reference to an eyewitness of the accident. And Astra news outlet reports of 32 killed, including the two shooters, referring to a serviceman, who took part in the accident, and whose identity couldn`t be confirmed independently so far. Meanwhile, lieutenant colonel Andrey Lapin is listed among those killed (not to be confused with Denis Lapin, the son of General Aleksandr Lapin and the commander of the 1st Guards Armored Regiment), who had allegedly caused the conflict with his insult towards Allah (calling Him a coward). Information regarding the number of the shooters also varies: according to some reports, there were two of them and both were killed with return fire; according to other sources, one of the three shooters managed to escape. It is reported that the shooters were Russian soldiers and also the citizens of one of the CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent Sates, which is a regional intergovernmental organization consisting of former Soviet republics, which comprised the USSR). The Russian Ministry of Defense quickly labeled the accident as a terrorist attack. The Bryansk region Governor Aleksandr Bogomaz claimed that there were no residents of the region among the killed.

Human rights activists and public figures addressed the government of the Russian constituent republic of Kabardino-Balkaria with a demand to suspend the mobilization and stop the illegal persecution of those who protested against the mobilization in Nalchik on September 25-26. The letter says that the mobilization in the region "can lead to serious and irreparable losses of the gene pool of the ethnicities".

Female relatives of mobilized residents of Fokino, Bryansk region, addressed Putin with a demand to return their close ones to Russia. According to these women, the mobilized soldiers were threatened and robbed by officers (officers stole their uniforms). In addition, according to Sota, another 200 mobilized people, including those from the Bryansk region, have been staying in the occupied territory of Ukraine for more than a week, without food or reliable communication and without knowing their exact location.

Residents of Bashkiria massively appealed to the authorities because of the strange situation with deferments for fathers of three children, previously reported by a number of government officials. Both in Bashkiria and in other regions, they are still being mobilized. The father of six children from the Uchalinsky district, who had already participated in the war as a volunteer and had been wounded, received a draft notice upon his return home instead of the payments he was supposed to receive. In the village of Mogilnoye in the South Urals, the last "sensible man" was mobilized, a 40-year-old father of three children, Yevgeny Kurchatov.

A story of relatives of mobilized soldiers from the Lipetsk region. The men were mobilized on September 27, and already on October 11 they were sent to the front with little or no training.

A story of a mobilized Moscow citizen, Dmitry, who, along with other mobilized men, was temporarily deployed in Yasenevo. There is a lack of "belts, hats, jackets and pants." Those who did not get beds sleep on the floor. For five days in a row, the mobilized soldiers were promised to be taken to Patriot Park for tactical exercises. Other mobilized men are kept for three days in "Patriot Park without belongings or documents." Their relatives came to the military recruitment office to find out the fate of their sons. The military commissar [head of the recruitment office] stays away from them, asks not to take pictures, and does not answer questions.

The story of a mobilized man from the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District about the endemic larceny in a military unit: "Money, shoes, and even small stoves are being stolen."

“We visit all the time and feed our mobilized men.” Relatives bring food in containers to recruits deployed at a training base in Sertolovo. In the same training center, families were first allowed and then banned from visiting mobilized relatives. As explained to [a Russian newspaper], the accusations of malnutrition are unfounded, and the ban on visitations has a more mundane reason - excessive drinking. For the same reason, in Tver, near the mobilization center, alcohol is not sold any longer.

“Where is the promised disturbance allowance? Where are payment breaks? For what purpose are we sitting here?” Servicemen from Kurgan complain to the administration about the lack of payments and support. There are about 2,000 soldiers in the military unit, 90% of them are volunteers. According to the men, now they are "begging for money from relatives, instead of sending money to them."

A church in the Mozhaisk district of Moscow region via its website collects crutches, diapers, and various medical wares for the wounded in the war. In a church in the village of Svatkovo, Vladimir region, a public “Z-prayer” was served for the health of Russian soldiers and mobilized.

The mobilized from Belgorod received pamphlets entitled "I live, I fight, I win", setting out the "rules of life in war". The brochure was released with the assistance of State Duma Deputy Andrey Skoch and is publicly available.

Another assignment for the mobilization of 860 people was received in Zabaykalsky region. Today or tomorrow, new draft notices will be issued. State Duma Deputy from the region Andrey Gurulev approved the raids on men, which Senator Andrey Klishas had previously declared illegal. Gyrulev also suggested searching for conscripts in nightclubs.

Raids on men in Moscow do not stop. Eyewitnesses report about the visit of the police and representatives of the military commissariat to two mini-hotels.

In St. Petersburg, draft notices are distributed in public clinics. According to the source of Bumaga news outlet, a chief physician of one of the clinics gave her subordinates a list of people to be called up to the war. Men are drafted into the army during medical appointments.

Another conscript was killed in the war in Ukraine. Andrey Pichuev from Novoilinsk, Buryatia was mobilized on September 22 and died on October 4. And in St. Petersburg, new draft notices were delivered to the members of the family of the deceased mobilized man.

Mobilization in Russia is increasingly reminiscent of the situation that was happening in the so-called Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republic. There is a video from St. Petersburg showing a man trying to escape from the police in the Ladoga Park residential complex. According to eyewitnesses, the servicemen tried to hand him a draft notice, and the guy tried to escape but was caught.

The son of Nizhny Novgorod journalist Irina Slavina, who set herself on fire in an act of protest two years ago, Vyacheslav Murakhtaev said that he volunteered for the war, and was not mobilized, as was previously reported.

A military commissariat of Cherkessk was set on fire the night before. Another attempt to fire a military commissariate was indicated in Schelkovo of Moscow region. It was already set on fire in May 2022. As a result of an arson, there was a fire in one of the offices on the first floor of the building. Two men tried to firebomb the Administration building of Kulikovsky village, Volgograd region where military registration documents were kept. One of the arsonists, a 23-year-old resident of the village, is in a jail now.

It was noticed in Saint Petersburg that the military commissar of Kalininsky district O. Lichman, whose name is on draft notices, signs them with different signatures. The Administration of Kalininsky district explained misprints and grammar mistakes with a large amount of work.

Kemerovo students like pupils of Ryazan kindergartens and Nizhny Tagil schools earlier were asked to inform about mobilized relatives. Police of Yakutia decided to search for draft dodgers among students enrolled at universities after 21st of September 2022. The Ministry of Education and Science of Rostov region declared they don’t know who asked university students to fill in special forms as to who had a mobilized parent. The Ministry of General and Professional Education of Rostov region doesn’t send such messages.

There was another concert in Chebarkul town, Chelyabinsk region. This time, the Choir of Michael Turetsky came to the location of the mobilized South Urals residents. Concerts of mobile teams of artists at the training ground will start from the 16th of October.