mobilization briefs
October 26, 2022

Volunteer summary on mobilization in the Russian Federation for October 24–25

Today saw the first meeting of the coordination council for fulfilling the needs of the so-called special military operation. In his address to the council, the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin stated that all the funds necessary to pay the mobilized soldiers at least 195 thousand rubles per month have been transferred to the Ministry of Defense and that the Council of Ministers has this under its control; the mobilization hotline has received 1.5 million calls but that number is decreasing; it is necessary to launch full scale production of equipment and uniforms to outfit all the newly mobilized.

The RF Communist Party State Duma representative Mikhail Matveev introduced a bill to exempt PhDs and PhD candidates from the “partial” mobilization.

The Russian Property Management Agency will cover rental and utility bills of mobilized renters. The deferral is granted for the entire period of military service. Also, mobilized citizens and volunteers may now break leases on rentals of federal property without penalty.

The mobilization in Tatarstan will end when the authorities fulfill the mobilization quota which ever keeps changing. Nevertheless, the draft commission is planning to complete the mobilization this week. The head of the draft commission in Crimea promised to complete the partial mobilization by November 1. Recall that the head of Crimean administration Aksenov declared the mobilization in the region over already on September 25.

The “Zakroy za mnoy Tver” Telegram channel claims that only about 10% of those who were issued military summons in Tver could be drafted. For 12,500 summons issued in the city, only 2,000 men showed up of whom 600 were granted deferment of service. The channel has not specified the source of its information.

In Lesnoy, Sverdlovsk region, one more group of mobilized men was dispatched. Evgeny Boldyrev, the director of the 64th school, was among those drafted. In Kemerovo, a woman went faint during the dispatch of mobilized soldiers. One more group of mobilized people was sent from Toguchin and Kuibyshev in the Novosibirsk Region. Mobilized men were also seen off from the Argayashsky district of the Chelyabinsk region. And this is how yesterday mobilized men were seen off from Asha, Chelyabinsk Region. In Nizhny Novgorod, a girl tried to encourage men going to war with a passionate speech right on the bus.

Fifty citizens of Uzbekistan received draft notices from a military recruitment office in Oryol. Alexander Soldatenkov, a social activist, noticed a gathering of people near a local military recruitment office. Besides residents of Oryol, men from Uzbekistan who do not have Russian citizenship received draft notices. According to Soldatenkov, they were forced to visit a military recruitment office by the management of Ecocity company, a waste sorting plant, where they work.

The mayor of Novokuznetsk says that five more groups of mobilized men will be sent to a training center. The head of Novokuznetsk also clarified that mobilization in Kuzbass is intermittent; the eighth group had left the day before. The governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District checked uniforms and equipment for the mobilized Yamal residents. Mikhail Vedernikov, the Governor of the Pskov region, visited Zavelichye military training range on Tuesday, where he monitored the progress of the combat training of the mobilized soldiers. He also explained the delays in payments of a one-time compensation to mobilized soldiers with inaccuracies in details of recipients. At least 35 drafted residents of the Vladimir region did not receive the payments promised by the authorities, Alexander Avdeev, the region's governor, admitted.

According to Irina Pastukhova, the Minister of Social Policy of the Krasnoyarsk Region, demobilized residents of the region will not pay back compensations in the amount of 100,000 rubles which they were paid for “partial” mobilization.

In Tatarstan, approximately 80 drafted reservists will return home as a result of the cancellation of the mobilization of fathers with three minor children. Alexander Uss, the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Region, said that fathers of three children from the Krasnoyarsk Region are not subject to mobilization. Meanwhile, Andrey Efimov from Lesosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk Region, whose wife has been struggling for his return for almost a month, is now on the way from "training" to the front, and not home. Mobilized fathers of many children from Bashkiria, who are already in the “special military operation” area, will go home only after completing combat missions, the military commissar [head of the recruitment office] of the region said.

The wife of Roman Geraskin, a father of three children, who was drafted in the Krasnoyarsk Region, said that she received a call from a military recruitment office and was told that they had reconsidered the decision to mobilize her husband. Geraskin has not been returned home yet, he is in a military unit in Novosibirsk. Konstantin Doronin, a father of three children from Vologda, will also be sent home. And in the Yaroslavl region, an ambulance driver, who has many children, was drafted.

A resident of Kuzbass lost a trial against a Mariinsk military commissar. He asked the Court to declare illegal the following: the decision of the draft commission to recruit him; actions of military commissariat employees who seized his military card; inaction of the local medical commission which didn’t examine him and didn’t send him to diagnostic tests.

The mobilized from Murom to a medical company of the 11045 military unit ask to send them additional equipment as the previous help hasn’t come. The head of Murom district, member of “United Russia” governing political party Yevgeny Rychkov published a video message to residents of Murom asking them to make a donation for the mobilized.

The mobilized from Nizhnevartovsk training in Omsk complain about medical support. Many of them are sick, some have pneumonia. 5 mobilized from Bashkortostan complain about their state of health. Hospitals of the Ministry of Defense of RF refuse to treat them under the pretext of getting financing only for contract military.

Residents of Krasnoyarsk now can donate to the mobilized using a QR-code, they can transfer any sum in a couple of minutes. They are promised that the money will be spent on equipment and warm clothes.Things for the mobilized are collected literally everywhere, from kindergartens to shops. This is a basket for help in a food store in Chita. A 77-year-old beekeeper from Kuzbass passed “Z-honey” to the mobilized from his area. The Penza government declared illegal the practice of collecting money for the mobilized and their families from students. All collected money will be given back to students.

The mobilized from Bashkiria who complained about their conditions near Enerhodar, Zaporizhzhia region, were sent to dig trenches to the front today (as their relatives said). The mobilized from Shakhovskaya district, Moscow region insist they were sent to the “new territories” without necessary equipment. In the video they are addressing the head of the district Zamir Gadzhiev and blaming him for failure to fulfill promises on mobilization.

“Sirena” Telegram channel published data on losses among the mobilized who weren’t yet sent to the front. At least 21 mobilized men died out of the front in total. Meanwhile, a third mobilized soldier  died in a Novosibirsk army camp. “The preliminary assessment is at fatal accident due to the use of alcohol”, -  the government declares.

A mobilized from Troitsky village, Sverdlovsk region, Yevgeny Sergeevich Chagaev born in 1983 was killed at the front.  A mobilized from Severouralsk Andrey Shilyaev was killed near Kherson. He was called up on the 28th of September and he was already killed on the 7th of October. There is a version that 5 men were also killed with him. A father of four from Nevyansk was killed in Ukraine. As his relatives told, he died from a shrapnel wound on the 7th of October. As it became known, the 7th mobilized from South Ural was killed during the Special Operation. The 42-year-old Sergey Suchkov was buried in Miass.  32-year-old Aleksandr Grachev was buried there, too. His death became known back on the 13th of October.

The Russian Defense Ministry has shown footage of training mobilized people in firing modern BTR-82A marine armored personnel carriers in Primorsky Krai. At the training ranges of the Northern Fleet, mobilized reservists are trained to drive combat vehicles. The mobilized men themselves also publish videos of the training. For example, in the Chelyabinsk region, they use a pack of cigarettes as a training grenade.

According to unverified information, commanders demand money from mobilized men for a rest in the rear at the rate of 1 day - 5 thousand rubles.

Civil courts in Karelia are redirecting claims of illegal mobilization to the military court. And the Investigative Committee, for the first time, is conducting an investigation under the new Article 332 part 2.1 of the Criminal Code because of the refusal of two evangelicals to participate in military operations.

Because of the mass exodus of male employees associated with mobilization, federal and regional government agencies have encountered work problems. The "Verstka" publication tells us which agencies have run away civil servants and what difficulties this has led to in the workplace.

Following other regions in the Irkutsk region, the unemployed and students without experience will be assigned to enterprises to temporarily replace mobilized workers. Tomsk Governor Vladimir Mazur met with the heads of the region's largest companies, at which it was announced that they must provide information about 10 percent of employees subject to mobilization, writes "Barkhatnaya Street" Telegram channel. At the same time, according to the TV2 channel, "contracts on mobilization assignments" began to be prepared with Tomsk entrepreneurs. Within the framework of such assignments, enterprises will fulfill orders for the Defense Ministry. The Perm region's industry is being reoriented to produce items for the military and special operations. For example, "Permodezhda" has received a request from the regional Ministry of Industry and Trade about the possibility of sewing items for the military, and others are already producing uniforms. Students at Russian colleges are sewing clothes and uniforms for the army. This is reported on the website of the pro-Kremlin "We are Together" movement and in regional media outlets, the publications of which were reviewed by DOXA magazine. As a part of the pro-Kremlin campaign, 143 Russian colleges have already joined in sewing military clothing.

Shamans of the Irkutsk region visited mobilized soldiers in Yurga. Each soldier was brought a protective tali amulet and had a prayer service.