mobilization briefs
October 31, 2022

Russian mobilization news update by CIT volunteers, October 29-30

And so the mobilization continues, even after its "end" was announced. A 23-year-old Krasnodar resident was issued a draft notice and now he must show at the draft office on the 1st of November (2022). The Stary Oskol mayor, Andrei Chesnokov, was asked on the VKontakte Russian social network why local town's residents keep receiving draft notices when mobilization is already over. To this he said that " a TV announcement is not an official decree, so we wait till then".

New conscripts from Povolzhye and Orenburg regions are still being shipped off. Following a lavish sendoff ceremony, a trainload of new draftees was dispatched from Kazan to the Central Military District.

The authorities in the Primorski Region declared that conscripts drafted as part of the “partial mobilization” could be retrained and assigned a different military specialty from the one specified in their military card.

Starting November 1st, it will be simpler for the families of the mobilized muscovites to collect child subsidies and other payments. The money will be transferred directly to mothers’ bank cards in the amount of minimal living wage per child.

Six trucks full of assorted aid items for the mobilized soldiers from Tatarstan departed Naberezhnye Chelny. The servicemen will receive a total of 100 tons of food and basic essentials costing around 11 million rubles.

The so-called First Z Women’s Battalion V from the Moscow Region is collecting funds to supply their mobilized husbands with, among other things, thermal cameras, thermal camera-equipped quadcopters, and collimator sights. In the Khabarovsk Region, the state employees are forced to contribute money for the needs of the RF Armed Forces. In a letter addressed to department heads, a deputy mayor requests that all employees make a donation in the amount of a day’s salary (1.5 to 6 thousand rubles) for the needs of the conscripts from Khabarovsk.

A mobilized Kursk Region resident died of a heart attack. On September 22, he was dispatched to training in the Vladimir Region and today he was buried. In spring, Fedor Banyukov, a Krasnodar native, signed a contract with the military and went to the war in Ukraine. While on leave in September, he complained of headaches to the medics who then found a bullet in his head. In late September, the man was mobilized and in early October, he died. Alexander Zabaluev, born in 1979, a Chechen War veteran from Volgograd was killed in Ukraine on October 24 and buried yesterday.

Another prisoner out of the 12 recently captured was identified.  According to relatives, Michail Naidenko was mobilized on the 23td-24th of September in Belgorod region and after that, almost immediately, was sent to Luhansk region without any training. Soon, communication with him was lost.

The sister of a 20-year-old mobilized soldier from Bryansk region has told that he was thrown to the front line in Lyman area without medical commission or military training as a serviceman of the 254th Motorized Rifle Regiment (the 144th Motorized Rifle Division of the 20th Army, soldiers of which were in some videos of prisoners) Now, he and other mobilized “live and sleep in damp and cold trenches without food and water, eat what they find, that is left by the previous brigade, drink water from mud-puddles, their commander gives 1 tin can for 4 soldiers”. From the 8th to the 25th of October, 30 soldiers out of 100 remained, others were killed or injured.

“Astra” Telegram channel continues to watch the situation of mobilized soldiers who are detained in Luhansk region. The channel informs that 40 soldiers who refused to go back to the front line have been held in detention for around a month. Meanwhile, there are no formal charges pressed. They haven't been contacting with their relatives for 7 days.

The mobilized in Adygea were given rusty weapons. In the video, soldiers demonstrate the substandard condition of the received assault rifles. The mobilized from Tomsk built a bathhouse. Someone donated building materials to them.

The only pediatric neurosurgeon was mobilized in Sterlitamak. While the future head of the dressing room is being trained to throw grenades and fire a machine gun, the children have to be taken 150 km further to the Republican Hospital in Ufa.

Military pensioner from Sochi Roman Kharitonov spent 10 days under arrest on charges of disobeying the legal requirements of the security forces. According to him, on the eve of his arrest, he was told to appear at the draft office. He called there and claimed that he refused to get mobilized. After this, policemen came to his house. They handcuffed him and took him to court. Now the pensioner is preparing to appeal the arrest.

Another attempt to set a draft office on fire. In the village of Ust-Kan in Altai, unidentified people threw a Molotov cocktail into the wooden building of a draft office. They didn’t succeed in setting it on fire and escaped.

Fireworks and a concert for the New Year were canceled in Novosibirsk. According to the deputy mayor of Novosibirsk Anna Tereshkova, the reason for the cancellation was the mobilization of citizens.

A resident of Belgorod filed a report with the police against a local blogger who called the mobilized prisoners of war "traitors and criminals”.