mobilization briefs
October 9, 2022

Summary of mobilization in Russian Federation for October 7-8

Deputies have submitted a bill to the State Duma on the passage of alternative civilian service in the period of partial and general mobilization, supplementing the relevant provision of Article 17 of the Federal Law "On mobilization training and mobilization in the Russian Federation." In particular, the bill says: "Citizens who are in the reserve have the right to replace military service with alternative civilian service during partial mobilization and may be sent to work stipulated by Article 4 of the Federal Law "On Alternative Civilian Service", including to provide security of educational organizations.

The presidential administration, according to a source, criticized the cancellation of New Year celebrations in a number of Russian cities for the sake of helping mobilized people. The Russian Defense Ministry expressed gratitude for the support of the regions in conducting mobilization but did not see any need to cancel New Year's festivities. "The Russian Armed Forces have all the necessary equipment to provide each soldier both in the areas of special operation and in the places where the mobilized are trained", assured the Defense Ministry.

Against this background, information keeps coming in from the regions that citizens, schools, medical and other organizations are collecting aid for the mobilized. And female residents of the Pskov region complain about the lack of money to buy uniforms for their mobilized husbands.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko suggested sending female volunteers to work in hospitals. The military commissar [head of enlistment office] from Samara honestly admitted that the mobilization will continue until the president cancels it. Alexei Nechaev, leader of the "New People" party, called military commissars "people who came out of the woods".

Military commissariats in Russian regions began to receive lists of employees of IT companies exempt from partial mobilization, said Maksut Shadaev, head of the Ministry of Finance.

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that 70,000 more Chechen fighters are ready to join the 10,000 who are now fighting in the zone of a "special military operation".

All reservists in Karelia will undergo a mandatory medical examination. After a number of mistakes made in the course of mobilization, the head of the region decided to sort things out in the military registration system and issued an order to conduct medical examinations for the residents in reserve.

The first stage of "partial" mobilization in the Novosibirsk region is completed, however the residents may still be called up. A document marked “Until further notice” was handed, among others, to Mikhail Mezentsev, a member of the public council under the Ministry of Transport of the region. All in all, in Novosibirsk and the region, citizens who fell under the mobilization filed 98 complaints to ombudsman (ombudswoman) Nina Shalabaeva.

Kuzbass authorities will facilitate students’ employment during the period of "partial" mobilization. They recommended educational institutions to refer students to internships, and organizations - to place them on the vacated positions.

A 36-year-old employee of the Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who had a reservation (from mobilization), was mobilized In Buryatia. He was taken away from his house in Tory village, where a geophysical observatory is located, on the night of September 21-22, immediately after the announcement of "partial" mobilization.

A 53-year-old engineer servicing communication towers was mobilized in the Krasnodar region. A 45-year-old man with knee prosthesis was mobilized on Sakhalin. In Moscow, they try to send to the front a 44-year-old man who did not serve in the army. Voronezh authorities requested to call people from their vacations to get mobilized.

People in Russia are dodging the mobilization as best they can. An Orenburg mobilized decided to register his four children. This was considered a desertion attempt by the enlistment office. Parents of students of a school in the Penza region are trying to save Alexander Mamonov, the only computer science teacher, from being sent to war. Residents of Kondol village wrote a letter to the governor requesting to return the mobilized teacher. Altai residents demanded to send security and law enforcers (rus: “siloviki”) to the front and take control of the situation with the army supply.

Kursk mobilized are leaving to the sounds of "Farewell of Slavianka”. Also in Kursk, a bus driver ran into a bus stop during a deployment ceremony. Witnesses report that people nearby were covered with fragments, but no one was seriously injured.

An article by “FreeNews-Volga” publication describes the mobilization inSaratov region.

More footage of the the mobilized being trained at Russian training grounds: Alabino (Moscow region), Sertolovo and Kirillovsky (both in the Leningrad region), Kazan, Kostroma, Zabaykalsky region, Kaliningrad and Primorsky regions, a couple of videos without region specified - 1, 2). A Center for Combat and Special Training for volunteers and "potentially mobilizable" was established in the Stavropol region. At the same time, unofficial accounts often differ from the footage cited above dramatically. As an example - rather peculiar training of the mobilized in Yakutia. A career officer shared how things were going at the training range near Yekaterinburg: “We sleep, eat, walk, .. there was a tank test run.”

Two Moscow residents are under investigation for refusing to accept draft notices. In St. Petersburg, there was an attempt to issue a draft notice to a local traffic police office visitor. Due to a refusal to sign the notice, he was not given his passport back. A suspect in an arson of a local military registration and enlistment office was detained in Krasnoyarsk.

Lawyer and human rights activist Pavel Chikov shared details on the evacuation of the cars left on the border with Georgia by those who fled the mobilization.