October 7, 2022

Sitrep for October 6-7 (as of 14:00)

The situation on the front line

In the North Kherson direction, a number of settlements were confirmed to have been liberated, namely: Novovoskresenske, Tryfonivka (there is a video showing the Ukrainian flag being raised there) and Novohryhorivka.

In the Kherson direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to capture three damaged, but possibly recoverable tanks: two T-72B3M tanks and one T-80BVM tank;

two BM-27 Uragan  MLRS (they can also probably be restored, but it is unclear whether the AFU can find rockets for them).

The AFU have also managed to destroy one BM-27 Uragan MLRS and one BM-30 Smerch MLRS (for the first time).

The capture and destruction of such types of MLRS is a surprising fact, as they have a long firing range and thus are supposed to be quite far from the front line.

Pro-Russian forces declared the capture of the village of Zaitseve in the Bakhmut direction, which has been disputed territory for a long time. Pro-Russian forces report capturing Zaitseve every month (previously it was on August 19 and September 20).

Mobilization update

The situation with the mutiny of the mobilized repeated again, this time in the Bryansk region. More than 100 people refused to go to the front because they were supposed to be trained for a month in Klintsy and only then taken to the border of the Bryansk region. Instead, they were taken to the village of Soloti in Belgorod. According to a person who spoke with SOTA (Russian media outlet), the mobilized troops are going to be sent to retake Lyman. The conscripts want to return to the military base in Klintsy because they received hardly any training for combat operations, and some of them "don't even know how to shoot".

Pavel Chikov (Russian lawyer, human rights activist, and public figure) notes that the Gosuslugi (government app) service for filing complaints about unlawful mobilization sends these complaints back to the draft commissions. In other words, the institution that is being complained about is handling the complaints by itself.

Complaints about the behavior of mobilized soldiers have also begun to come in from Yekaterinburg, where conscripts are walking around drunk and getting into fights. In one of the stores, the soldiers were forbidden to buy alcohol. But the mobilized men started asking civilians at the cash register to buy them vodka, and the civilians refused, which often led to disputes and fights.

Andrei Gurulev, a member of the Duma Defense Committee, stated that the preparation of mobilized troops and the creation of new formations must take at least two months. During this time, the frontline must be held by the existing forces.


On the night of October 5 to 6 Russian forces hit Kharkiv with Geran-2 (Shahed 136) loitering munitions for the first time, there were no casualties.

Belarusian Hajun project notes that in the morning of October 6 the Russian Air and Space Forces launched missiles at Ukraine from the airspace of Belarus for the first time since August 28. Khmelnytskyi region was hit.

On October 6, Russian forces launched a missile attack on residential areas of the city of Zaporizhzhia. As of the morning of October 7, eleven people were reported killed, another twenty five were rescued, search and rescue operations are still ongoing.

On October 6, Ukrainian forces attacked targets in the occupied territories:

  • in Kakhovka and on the bank of the Dnipro opposite to Nova Kakhovka;
  • in Kherson at a school which housed the Russian military;
  • the Antonivskyi bridge, a tug is seen in the photos pushing a pontoon section towards Kherson.

Due to the upcoming thaw, difficulties begin to appear with the transportation of M777 howitzers, which are not designed for such conditions.

Ukrainian forces capture not only Soviet-caliber artillery, but also a lot of ammunition for it.

A mass grave of more than 50 civilians has been discovered in Lyman. Some of them have not been identified, and the burials are marked with "a person unknown" signs.