Sitrep for July 10-12, 2024 (as of 9 a.m. UTC+3)

The main focus on the frontline remains the Pokrovsk direction, which currently has three active sectors: Chasiv Yar, Toretsk and the Ocheretyne salient.

Sitrep for July 8-10, 2024 (as of 9 a.m. UTC+3)

In the Pokrovsk direction, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian Armed Forces have captured the village of Yasnobrodivka in the Donetsk region, finally taking control over the territory between the villages of Yasnobrodivka, Umanske and Netailove. According to DeepState, Yasnobrodivka has been contested since mid-June. Judging by the map, it is a rather small village, likely uninhabited for a long time. It still seems strange to us that it took such a long time for the Russian Army to capture this territory.

Sitrep for July 5-8, 2024 (as of 9:00 a.m. UTC+3) 

In the Kharkiv region, Ukrainian forces have entered the village of Hlyboke, which was previously captured by Russian forces, from the north. As a result, the village is now effectively semi-encircled.

Sitrep for July 3-5, 2024 (as of 9 a.m. UTC+3)

One of this week’s major stories is the now officially confirmed withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Kanal neighborhood in Chasiv Yar following a prolonged battle. Drone footage reveals that the neighborhood was almost entirely destroyed as a result of the fighting, which alone can justify retreating to more fortified positions. The Siverskyi Donets-Donbas Canal, now separating Russian and Ukrainian positions, effectively serves as a large anti-tank ditch and can only be crossed in the few places where it enters into underground pipes, which is certain to complicate any further Russian advances in Chasiv Yar.

Sitrep for July 1-3, 2024 (as of 8:30 a.m.) UTC+3

Russian forces have finally captured the eastern part of Chasiv Yar, specifically the Kanal neighborhood, which is separated from the main part of the town by the Severskyi Donets-Donbas Canal. The pro-Russian telegram channel Archangel Spetsnaz confirms this, reporting that the neighborhood has been taken by the 98th Airborne Division of the Russian Airborne Forces. A video geolocated directly next to the canal shows soldiers holding a Russian Airborne Forces flag and a Russian flag in a half-destroyed building. Ukrainian military observer Kostiantyn Mashovets claims that the eastern part of Chasiv Yar has been completely captured by the Russians. Statements of Bild journalist Julian Röpcke claiming that the Armed Forces of Ukraine...

Sitrep for June 28-July 1, 2024 (as of 8:30 a.m. UTC+3)

According to DeepState reports, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have advanced in the Serebryanske forestry in the Kreminna direction. The 12th Special Operations Azov Brigade successfully regained ground south of positions we previously reported on.

Sitrep for June 26-28, 2024 (as of 9:00 a.m. UTC+3)

Since today is already June 28 and the month has almost come to an end, it can now be stated that forecasts about a second wave of mobilization and a large-scale Russian offensive in June have still not come true. The offensive actions in the Kharkiv region and in the Toretsk direction cannot be characterized as large-scale in our view.

Sitrep for June 24-26, 2024 (as of 9 a.m. UTC+3)

The independent researcher Naalsio concluded his tally of military equipment losses in the village of Krynky on the left bank of the Dnipro River, where there have been no confirmed reports of combat operations in recent weeks. Earlier, Ukrainian forces were reported to have withdrawn from Krynky.

Sitrep for June 21-24, 2024 (as of 9:00 UTC+3 a.m.)

Occasional scattered reports about the supply of ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of the Czech initiative and from the United States, as well as new aid packages to Ukraine, are not enough to evaluate the scale of their influence on the frontline situation. However, Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Defense Lieutenant General Ivan Havriliuk recently commented on the situation with ammunition. According to him, Russia’s artillery advantage was 7-to-1 at the start of the year, but is now down to 5-to-1. At the same time, the 110th Mechanized Brigade of the AFU, fighting near the village of Ocheretyne, began receiving new batches of ammunition less than a month ago. And although supplies have increased by 75% compared to last...

Sitrep for June 19-21, 2024 (as of 9:00 a.m. UTC+3)

The Govoryat Sniper [They Say Sniper] Telegram channel, run by Stanislav "Osman" Bunyatov, a Ukrainian soldier from the 24th Separate Assault Battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, along with the pro-Russian “war correspondent” Yury Kotenok, have reported an intensification of fighting in the Toretsk direction, on the Donetsk axis, without providing visual confirmation. Reportedly, the Russian Armed Forces are advancing towards the village of Pivnichne (formerly Kirove until 2016) and the town of Toretsk, with the aim of further advancing towards the town of Kostiantynivka, an important logistics center for Ukrainian forces. It is worth noting that the distance from Toretsk to Kostiantynivka is quite significant. The RuAF could have...